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         Evan Williams, the Co-Founder of Twitter Inc, on TED. His views after listening to a lot of Twitter users. He explains how twitter had its origin and how Twitter helps an user answering the question “What are you doing right now???!!!” to millions and millions of followers in a single second.“I Kicked Mommy at 08:43PM on Thu, Dec 18!” 
– A tweet by a baby

In the year leading up to this talk, the web tool Twitter exploded in size (up 10x during 2008 alone). Co-founder Evan Williams reveals that many of the ideas driving that growth came from unexpected uses invented by the users themselves.
      One of the beautiful things Twitter has given us is TRENDING TOPICS… But many use that as a tool to increase their traffic even if they have no relevant content. So we get a lot of spams…. That might have disturbed a lot in your search. 
Ramanathan Narayanan

         When i was a searching for a way to get rid of that, i came to know about a wonderful project by Ramanathan Narayanan a Ph.D candidate in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Northwestern University. It was really a mind-blowing job by him. The project is to determine and filter the best twitters who are concerned with a particular trending topic. It was really cool.

His project actually finds the Pulse of the Tweeters .

Click the above link, you will know a lot about this guy…

             If you are Twitter, then you must have known about the onMouseOver issue, which shook the And later it was solved by Twitter. And off course, onMouseOver was the trending topic for three to four days at a stretch.

             Twitter has also explained about this incident, technically, in their official blog. It was explained that the issue was due to CROSS-SITE SCRIPTING (XSS). It is nothing but pasting a code from an untrusted website into another one. Here in Twitter, users submitted a JavaScript code as plain text into a Tweet that could be executed in the browser of other user. Actually it was early a month and Twitter discovered it and corrected them. But without their knowledge, a recent site update resurfaced it.

            And this helped a cool cracker to play on security. He worked on, and somehow managed to do so. Finally the onMouseOver occurred. And added to this, there was another problem in Twitter, some other guy who added another code that resulted in automated Retweets from other profiles. So users would have noticed some unknown retweets which was not made by them, in their profile. After all these explanations, Twitter apologized for the security issue.

Transport officials has announced that the Indian government will use the services of Social Networking sites like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and even blogs to spread the message of safe driving on the Indian roads.

The Vice Chairman of the International Road Federation (IRF), K.K. Kapila has said that they have planned to use the modern technology to spread the knowledge on road safety.

“For generating mass awareness about road safety, apart from using traditional media tools, modern web-based social networking tools will be used to spread knowledge of road safety,”—she said.

She also said that they have planned to upload the videos which they have created to road safety and other aspects.

“We have developed videos on safe driving and other aspects of road safety. We plan to put them up on YouTube to cater to the growing number of people whose first choice to find information is to go online,”– she added.

She also said that they will seek news ideas to target speed and young drivers in the near future.

“Road safety is a community effort. We will seek additional ideas on tackling areas like aggressive driving, drug-driving as well as continuing to look for new approaches to saving lives by targeting speed and young drivers ,”—she said.