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Hello friends.. Here are pics from #Blogger Meet @ #Coimbatore Version 1.0


My article about a successful #entrepreneur @kiruba …. #businessblogging #f5ive #proto #tedxchennai #unconferencing

A #Headset that acts according to your #brainwaves… beautiful #technology…. Move objects when you #dream

Well, !!! Now i have decided to write about a person from whom i wish to learn a lot !!!

                     He is 

  Mr.Kiruba Shankar
I learnt, am learning and wish to learn Entrepreneurship        from                Mr.Kiruba Shankar

         I think you people would not have seen me blogging about him here before. This is my first time about Kiruba. When you enter my blog, you can see in many places about the word, Entrepreneurship. Actually i got a clear idea about Entrepreneurship from him. I wonder on his activities. I can say he loves to be an entrepreneur, and he loves to organize some big things and he often makes other people to turn around him. He is such a guy.
        He is the CEO of Business Blogging Pvt Ltd, a social media consultancy. He is the Founder Director of F5ive Technologies. Apart from these he is the Co-Founder of Knowledge Foundation, a non-profit organization. And he is the man behind (Entrepreneruship event), BlogCamp, PodWorks, WikiCamp, BarCampChennai, MobileMonday Chennai, OpenCoffeeClub Chennai and the CC Salon. 

I follow him everywhere on the web, where ever i can… In Twitter, Facebook, his Website and other blogs related to him. And off course he is Man Behind TEDxChennai

When Did I know About Him/ How Did I Know About Him:
          I met him first in Kurukshetra 2010, An International Level Technical Symposium @ Anna University, Madras. He lectured in the Entrepreneurship workshop. The thing which i loved in his way of lecture is his UNCONFERENCING. He made the session live and lovely. He gave some sort of play there. He said NETWORKING is more and more important for any Entrepreneur. Off course I realized the same when i had chances to meet some entrepreneurs. He insisted us on developing our own website and blog with a personal domain. He asked for people who had email ids from their domain, like or Unfortunately no one had like that. But I have started developing my website but that is Google Site. 

       Recently he went to South Africa for the CLT20 that is going on. He returned to India, last weekend and immediately, the next day he was busy in organizing the FACEBOOK DEVELOPER GARAGE. And an interesting fact is that, i came to know through his tweets, that he has decided for the next Facebook Developer Garage in the month of December before the end of FDG which was on last sunday. I wonder he is making each and everything more and more planned. I can write more and more about him… He has networked with people in all fields like Software, Business, Cricket, and even Actors and Actress. He is a good friend of Percussionist Sivamani (Drums Mani), Ganguly, Harsha Bogle, and Chinmaye (Singer/Actress/and so on). 

Podcast With Achievers:
      And forget to say about one of his beautiful works, that is PODCAST with Achievers. The concept behind this is interviewing some famous personalities of all fields and make it a podcast. You can trace them here, Kiruba.TV

And i have a video below for you from YouTube. Here, Kiruba Shankar emphasizes on the power of teamwork to make a TEDx conference a success. 

His Profiles:
Google Kiruba

   I am the greatest fan of him. To Kiruba: Sir, I really wonder at you…. I learnt how to be a sincere, punctual and a better human from my dad, P.Manokaran. I learnt and had crush on Software Technologies, through Bill Gates and I learnt, am learning and wish to learn Entrepreneurship from you, Mr.Kiruba Shankar.

         Tan Le‘s astonishing new computer interface reads its user’s brainwaves, making it possible to control virtual objects, and even physical electronics, with mere thoughts (and a little concentration). She demos the headset, and talks about its far-reaching applications.

 Tan Le’s Demonstration!

Controling objects just by dreaming.

Technology is going great and man is becoming lazier …… No physical works…Only mental works….
Man is growing brilliant and brilliant in technology and mentally. But his physic is ZERO

     This is a short interview with Dr.P.Suresh Kumar,M.Sc (Ag)., M.B.A., Ph.D., Director, Faculty of Management Studies, Bannari Amman Institute of Technology. The theme of the interview was LEADERSHIP. We both discussed on Leadership and i gained a clear knowledge what leadership is. Here is a trimmed video of a 15 Min Interview.

      Dr.P.Suresh Kumar is having a vast experience of 28 years in the field of business administration. Initially he was a bank employee, and then due to his interest in the field of teaching, he joined as a teacher. Now he is the Director of Faculty of Management Studies, Bannari Amman Institute of Technology. He is not only teaching the students but also other corporate associates in the business administration field. He is also board member of Faculty of Management Studies in other business schools like Karpagam College of Engineering and Technology and K.S.R College of Engineering and Technology. He is also the chief member of External Taxation Panel, Coimbatore. He was the Management Representative for this ISO Certified Institute and has conducted workshops and rendered consultancy services in ISO documentation and helped in certification.

The purpose to interview such a great personality is for the Microsoft Student Partner 2010 selection.

I have uploaded the #interview #video with Dr.P.Suresh Kumar, Director, Faculty of Management Studies, #BITSathy

      One of the beautiful things Twitter has given us is TRENDING TOPICS… But many use that as a tool to increase their traffic even if they have no relevant content. So we get a lot of spams…. That might have disturbed a lot in your search. 
Ramanathan Narayanan

         When i was a searching for a way to get rid of that, i came to know about a wonderful project by Ramanathan Narayanan a Ph.D candidate in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Northwestern University. It was really a mind-blowing job by him. The project is to determine and filter the best twitters who are concerned with a particular trending topic. It was really cool.

His project actually finds the Pulse of the Tweeters .

Click the above link, you will know a lot about this guy…

             If you are Twitter, then you must have known about the onMouseOver issue, which shook the And later it was solved by Twitter. And off course, onMouseOver was the trending topic for three to four days at a stretch.

             Twitter has also explained about this incident, technically, in their official blog. It was explained that the issue was due to CROSS-SITE SCRIPTING (XSS). It is nothing but pasting a code from an untrusted website into another one. Here in Twitter, users submitted a JavaScript code as plain text into a Tweet that could be executed in the browser of other user. Actually it was early a month and Twitter discovered it and corrected them. But without their knowledge, a recent site update resurfaced it.

            And this helped a cool cracker to play on security. He worked on, and somehow managed to do so. Finally the onMouseOver occurred. And added to this, there was another problem in Twitter, some other guy who added another code that resulted in automated Retweets from other profiles. So users would have noticed some unknown retweets which was not made by them, in their profile. After all these explanations, Twitter apologized for the security issue.

Avoid spammers who misuse the #trendingtopics .. find the original #trendsetters in @twitter